Electronic Hookah Pens

Anyone who has ever seen an e cigarette and a hookah will have an idea of what an electronic hookah pen looks like. Combine the two and there you have it: discrete vaping from a piece of equipment that fits into your pocket or purse. There are no cables, no ashes, and nothing is required to heat up the stick. An atomizer is built into the system.

Tsunami Disposable E-HookahsWhat Do Hookah Pens Look Like?

Hookah pens are thus named because they resemble regular ballpoint pens in some ways but act like hookahs. They are long, narrow, and cylindrical. Perhaps it would be accurate to say they look like fancy pens with unusual caps or even felt pens. Think of the unique items sold in tourist shops and exotic stationery supply stores with their bright colors and patterns. Picture items in bright hues, not just the usual: blue, black, or red ink.

Popular Hookah Brands

When you go looking for these small, portable hookahs, several names will continue to appear: Tsunami, Smooth, Fantasia, and Starbuzz. Others will continue to enter the scene as vaping becomes more and more popular.

The first of these brands offers a disposable option for people who want a cheaper item and do not want to handle refills. Refills for reusable hookah pens make them more economical and environmentally responsible products. Disposables are great for travel.

Nicotine or Not?

Most of the four brands listed above have created products which are nicotine free, contain no charcoal, have no tobacco, and will not leak all over you. The one exception is Tsunami, and only in one regard: their electronic hookah pens contain nicotine at either 12 or 16mg. E liquid is a food grade product.

Flavors of Vape Liquid

The usual assortment of fruit styles is present and accounted for when you search for pen-shaped hookah sticks. They include apple, peach, blueberry, and much more. The list at Smooth contains grape, mango, and melon plus many other fruits. Some hookah companies have provided racy names for their flavors more in keeping with cocktails than vaping liquid. Tobacco flavors, including menthol, are also available. This is a nice alternative to smoking old fashioned cigarettes, one many smokers are turning to.

How Many Puffs?

The Fantasia hookah pen provides up to 800 puffs. This is an incredible number compared to an average of 250 or 350 from other brands. Note, however, that Fantasia’s product is also a bit more expensive than the others. In any case, hookah pens last about as long as a pack of cigarettes or longer.

Between 250 and 350 puffs is still decent for a single stick, equivalent to many real cigarettes. One feature to keep in mind is the battery: the more power it has, the more vapor you get. Smooth has a 250mAh battery for instance.

Extra Features

Is it enough that a hookah pen is colorful and easily disguised as a real pen? Could there be anything else which causes an individual product to stand out? Well, vaping has a lot to do with style and the light-up diamond tip on a Fantasia electronic stick might interest you. It glows as you puff.

The shape of a tip attracts some attention. Fantasia’s tip is designed with a natural-looking pinched section for your lips to wrap around.

Customer Reviews

Go to a site which sells multiple products and you will find many reviews for these electronic pens. Most reviews are positive, with just a handful of negative write-ups. Read them closely and you will discover the pros and cons of each one. What is positive for one reviewer could be a turn-off for you.

Saving Money

Being able to purchase a single electronic hookah stick for anything from about $7 to $15 is an advantage. You can try before you really invest your money in products. Once you know what you like, there are other ways to save. Assuming you plan to give up regular smoking and switch to these items, you are going to need several on hand. Buying more at one time potentially saves you a significant amount of cash.

Say you liked the Tsunami disposables. In this case you could buy a case of 12 and save the equivalent of more than one Tsunami e-stick. You can even select up to three flavors.